The Verge: Slot machines perfected addictive gaming. Now, tech wants their tricks. Includes information from one of my favorite authors Nir Eyal, who also spoke at WordCamp San Francisco a few years ago.

One thought on “Slot Machine Tech

  1. this was great. I think that WP is great because although it is a “brand” it is not about corporate branding. We didn’t really start to see mass flocking to brands until the 90’s? It was in the 80’s when you began to see so much ad sponsorship of things. For instance recently the Starbucks brand tried over on Twitter to tackle conversations that given the news they deemed necessary. You saw that fall flat. But if you watch the “flocking” that happens on there with hashtags — this seems to be something “new” — that being on these machines has created. You have all manners of wit going on, poems and so forth — “human things.” It was interesting in this presentation about drives — so I think if you look at your own product — it has goodwill built in, and that is why it is beloved. WP is “human centered.” So one might say that while a company like Starbucks is uniform in delivering mass branded coffees, who really wants to go to that coffee house? xxoo! I see the franchising in Las Vegas as just an offshoot of the new Hollywood. Is it any different to sell the action figures stamped out by the millions when the film comes out, than to sell millions of coffees? No. WordPress will never be that. Like what Steve Jobs wanted with all those Apples in schools, once. WP is a showcase for creatives. For instance, in schools where they aren’t teaching creative writing? WP should be with Nanowrimo. And so forth. It is the goodwill, that is beloved. I think that goodwill will always drive your brand? You can’t buy that. Just look at Starbucks. Brand with “good” always.