WordPress + Japan

Did you know that WordPress users in Japan have meetups dedicated just to eating crab in the Fukui prefecture? WP Tavern has has a fantastic article on Community, Translation, and Wapuu: How Japan is Shaping WordPress History. There is so much that is quotable, just check out the entire thing!

2 replies on “WordPress + Japan”

We desperately need more support for woocommerce in Japan, almost non existent now in paying gateways.
Hope Automattic acquisition will help with this!

The article Matt shared, Inspired me to write a blogpost about the challenges of WordPress in Japan and connecting the community with the rest of the world. I´m planning to help japanese people move forward with improving wordpress and so the improvement of WooCommerce would also be part of that. You guys could check out my article I wrote about that. I would appreciate your help.