4 thoughts on “How Tesla Will Change The World

  1. I read that whole article, and it didn’t answer my most important question: “What is Tesla doing to combat the fact that all current battery technology kinda sucks?” Even Lithium-ion has a limited lifespan of just a few years, and developing fast charge and fast replacement tech doesn’t address the fact that the energy density of all that stored liquid carbon is like 10 times higher.

    The first person to invent the “Shipstone” will be the guy who really changes the world. I’d like to know more about who’s investing in advancements there, and what kind of progress is being made. Better batteries is the biggest deal.

    But, that is a tech that is a real game changer. Making electric engines prettier and easier to manage is what Tesla is doing, and while I applaud them for it, I can’t say it’s groundbreaking in any meaningful way. Just marketing, really.

    1. Very interesting take on the batteries, Otto. BTW, I had the pleasure of meeting you after your AWESOME “Ask Otto Anything” presentation at WordCamp Chicago a few years ago. I’m sure you’ve seen this, but if you haven’t here it is:


      I know a WordPress-using DJ who purchased a Tesla Model S at the end of 2012. It was delivered in 2013. I’ll check with him to see how it’s holding up. Their dual-motor AWD system does seem rather awesome, as well as their 0-60 and cornering specs. Also, oil changes are no longer necessary…

      Your response has me thinking too much, though… Peace!