How Facebook is eating the $140 billion hardware market — I’ve always said that open source eventually dominates every market it enters, and with enterprise hardware it’s in the very, very early stages but this article is chock-full of examples of the economies of scale when companies start collaborating on shared problems. The problem is one company’s inefficiency and wasted cost is another company’s revenue. Cool to look at in the context of yesterday’s post on government.

4 thoughts on “Open Source Datacenters

  1. Hardware?! That’s fascinating. Matt, do you have a handy link to more of your thoughts on how “open source eventually dominates every market it enters?” We started the open-sourcing process in our community and it’s kind of nuts to see how fast things go when the stakeholders all get together and solve the common problems instead of trying to exploit each other’s weaknesses. Now I’m curious what I’ve gotten myself into…