WordCamp US Survey

We’re trying something new this year: instead of WordCamp San Francisco being the main WordCamp event of the year doing a WordCamp US in a rotating city. I’ve heard some great in-person pitches for places like Phoenix already. Do you think your city would be the coolest place in the 50 states for the first ever WordCamp US? Submit your city in this new survey. It’s open until the end of the month.

7 replies on “WordCamp US Survey”

Phoenix would be a great location for this event. It appears that the Phoenix WordCamp 2015 is not going to happen – which is really unfortunate, especially for such a large city.

Also, there isn’t a better place in the US for great weather in fall/winter than Arizona.

Phoenix would have its benefits and its negatives. Benefits: it has the capacity downtown and a lot of financial incentives from the city. It has also played host to many large WP events in the past and has very consistent weather patterns. Downside: already struggling to organize a WC this year, so locals with that ability are overwhelmed. There are limited venues with the capacity, and there are only 2-3 good months to hold an event. There are already a number of WP events in town. Given that the event has been on the West Coast so many years, it might be a nice tip of the hat to host on the east coast for the first one. Philly comes to mind.

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