39 WordCamps

There have been 39 WordCamps already so far this year, here are a bunch more interesting stats about WordCamps including a list of upcoming ones..

3 thoughts on “39 WordCamps

  1. I hope you take your time to recharge your batteries after such events.

    So many people with so many expectations, (cultural) backgrounds, questions, etc.
    I’m only tinkering around with WordPress for the last 2-3 years, even though I made my first websites almost 20 years ago with a tool called SCHEMA.

    And you get better with every year and Q&A.
    Maybe a matter age; not (grey) hair, which looks great on you btw.

    Thanks for having the WordCamp sessions on WordPress.tv, for those who did’t make it to Seville.
    I personally think you should strongly consider the intergration of the internationalisation issue’s into core. And I appreciate the session about Ethics in Development.

    Have you ever had a look at Typo3, Neos, OXID?
    And is WordPress mostly developing for the screen (to democratize publishing on), for the device or for the customer?