At an airport in Frankfurt airport security asked famous jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman to prove it was a real instrument.

Hilarious! I can’t find any recordings of Joshua playing that classic bebop song, but here’s a Charlie Parker recording:

14 thoughts on “TSA Jazz

      1. Nm, he gives the airport code. Frankfort is still an accepted spelling of both German towns in English though.

      2. Kentucky as in “KFC”? 😉 Thanks for your note Jay.
        I’ve read that Redman was on the way to the North Sea Jazz Festial, so it must have been FRA / Germany. Nevertheless ‘furt’ is southern slang and ‘fort’ is kinda northern.
        And tbh: picking on that typo was just a little hint for Matt to maybe look a bit more into that german direction? I mean his name has german roots and he is quite smArt with words.

  1. Hey, Matt. This is the Joshua Redman interview that I mentioned to you at WordCamp Chicago 2013. It really blew my mind–particularly the part about practicing. Shortcuts: on writing, 8:47; write every day, 12:00; on practicing (“Lucky to get 30 min. per day; two-three hrs. is a marathon.”), 12:56; on transcribing, 17:08. Cheers…to 10 great years!!!! 😉