Automattic is Hiring

Do you know someone who is an amazing developer or designer? Someone who is passionate about helping people? An awesome lounge manager? Or maybe that person is you. Automattic is hiring for a variety of positions, and for all except two you can live and work wherever you like in the entire planet. There are also a number of other benefits; the main downside it’s a high performance culture and expectations are extremely high. Automattic hires the best folks regardless of geography, and we are especially looking for people right now outside of US timezones.

16 replies on “Automattic is Hiring”

I was planning to wait a few more weeks to be able to have a longer post history in the support forums before I reapplied, but since you are especially looking for people outside of US timezones I think it’s time to throw my hat in the ring.

Ha! I finally applied (a day before this post got published) and am feeling all giddy about it, can’t wait to hear back!
Do readers get a fast-track in the screening process? 😉

Hehe, after all I live in a place where we don’t mind waiting in line for the good stuff, and I didn’t expect any lesser equal treatment from Automattic. 🙂

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