7 thoughts on “Filled With Wonder

  1. You’ve also changed the colors of your theme again. πŸ™‚ Very nice. These look “grounded”.
    What colors did you have before the blue and green? I forgot, but with a theme that looks so Rothko, I thinks it’s great to change sometimes your public canvas… Love it.

  2. Oh, and this also reminds me about Galileo, who said:

    “You can’t teach a man anything, he has to discover it in himself.”

    Like in a sense of … you could “maybe” be a “jantle” person in some kind of way.
    Hope you know, what I mean …

  3. When I was teaching p/t college courses, I found that you had to be really a “believer” because your (adult) students came to the classroom with such cynicism… reflecting the general world view.

    Maybe, it was how I saw the β€œreal” world – with oceans of untapped potential within each of us – that I was amazed at the prospects for the future… that if I could add even one drop, I was happy.

  4. I wonder who edited Automattic’s official, 10-Year Anniversary video? It’s a true gem. Would love to know the tools they used–Avid, Final Cut & Motion, Adobe?

    BTW, Blog withdrawal is real…and the new colors rock! πŸ™‚

    It looks like Eric Alexander will be in town at the Jazz Showcase during WordCamp Chicago 2015. The Showcase uses WordPress… Off to the ‘shed. Cheers!!!

  5. This is the definition of irony.

    Not sure if this was Matt’s intention or not, but that makes this even more twisted!

    Mark Pilgrim rage quit the Internet deleting all of his websites and content scattered all over, including his precious books and teaching material from the Internet. Emphasizing that Mark did *not* wanting anyone to use any of his teaching material. His actions perpetrated the word “infosuicide”.

    His books were, however, revived by those who for whatever personal reasons, made copies before the “out-of-nowhere” total blackout and erasure. Hence why you can find archives of them.

    That quote, being from Mark Pilgrim is…

    Yes. Irony.