One of the areas where Automattic and its products like have the most room for growth is in the area of marketing. It’s also an area our competitors are spending heavily in, with Wix, Weebly, Squarespace,, and to a lesser extent EIG and Godaddy, spending over $350M this year in advertising. (Of course marketing is much more than just advertising, but their spend is still significant.) We’re hiring for a number of positions in this area to build up our team, including a CMO, a performance marketing specialist, marketing-oriented designer, and a role focused on events. If you know of anyone who would be ideal for these roles, or if that person is you, please read about Automattic on that page and follow the guidelines for the role to apply.

One thought on “Marketing at Automattic

  1. I don’t really think needs a marketer to power 51% of the web. It can even power 90% of the web if treated differently from the team. If there are 6 Billion people using the internet, Then there are 5.5 Billion people clearly knows that is exist.

    If there are 30-40 million blogs are hosted under – then there are 250-300 million blogs are not hosted under and there will be 100 million new blogs will be created on the web in the next few years, if not this year.

    If we replaced the “marketer” with bloggers and media, then you don’t need a marketer, perhaps an analyzer to study results.

    .. and the only question the team needs to answer is: What makes – 250 million people + 100 million upcoming people – believe that is the best choice they have?

    I’m sorry for the long comment, but I’m just very passionate about WordPress in general.