One area that’s been unloved for a bit on is the testimonials page, it was almost funny because they were so old they talked about things people don’t even know what they are any more. Well today is a new day, on the new page we’ll be embedding snippets from WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook of people saying what WordPress has meant for them. Post with the tag #ilovewp and it might show up there. 🙂 Think of something that you love about WP that would make someone who hasn’t heard of it or is on the fence about using it compelled to try it out.

4 thoughts on “Testimonials for WordPress

  1. If you allowed me to add a personal comment on your personal blog, I would say that WordPress has no limits and its limits is only your imagination/creativity limits. It’s very powerful code, if migrated with powerful ideas, both will generate great projects and startups.