Ben Casnocha is an interesting and innovative character in his own right, and it’s worth reading his essay slash short book on the years he spent as the right hand man of Reid Hoffman.

2 thoughts on “Ten Thousand Hours with Reid Hoffman

  1. Na Servus! Is it really 2 years (about 17520 hours ago) now, since you had the Philosophical Conversation with Reid?
    Feels like it was just last year … but I remember tapping into another Linkedin Interview back then … the one with Deepak Chopra.
    Have you ever read his book “The Soul of LeaderShip”?
    Having just read through point 2. of the lessons in your linked article, I wonder why it all is about “ships” in the english speaking countries? RelationShips, PartnerShips, FriendShips, LeaderShips … No wonder you need so much water 😀