It’s now public that Automattic is the company behind Knock Knock Whois There LLC, the registry for the new .blog TLD. (And a great pun.) We wanted to stay stealth while in the bidding process and afterward in order not to draw too much attention, but nonetheless the cost of the .blog auction got up there (people are estimating around $20M). I’m excited we won and think that it will be both an amazing business going forward and give lots of folks an opportunity to have a fantastic domain name in a new namespace and with an easy-to-say TLD. You can sign up to be first in line to reserve a domain here. If you have a trademark you can get in August, and then October for the “land rush.”

5 thoughts on “.Blog

  1. Hey Matt!

    Congratulations for winning the auction! This is such a great movement for WordPress and the blogger community 🙂

    Are you going to move from to ma.tt to matt.blog? 😛

      1. Leading by example is important… and it’s a great domain. I have thousands of com domains but have not been enthusiastic about the new GTlds. Will have my own .blog though.