41HooVl0BFLAnker has come out with a pretty cool new USB charger that also supports USB PD
, which is the USB-C power delivery standard which means it can fully power a Macbook. So you can take the USB-C cable that came with your Macbook and use this instead of the white brick that Apple makes and other things as well, so fewer things to travel with. It will of course charge any USB-C devices like your Nexus phone super fast as well. I really hope everything uses USB-C PD in the future

2 thoughts on “Cool USB-C Charger

  1. I’d been looking at the original, non-PD, version of this but, not having heard of PD before reading this article, I looked it up. For just a few dollars more it sounds worthwhile of having and, unbeknown to me until today, my Nexus 6P supports it.