WordPress is a Teenager

Thirteen years ago, building on the work of Michel and B2, Mike and I pushed the button on the first-ever release of WordPress. That means it’s now a teenager, which is blowing my mind similar to what I imagine real parents might feel at this stage. We now have 5-7 years of awkwardness and incredible growth to look forward to.

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In May of 2004, after experimenting with Typepad, I decided WordPress was a superior platform, but wanted it self-hosted. I struggled off and on for a couple of days trying to get it to properly function, and in frustration emailed Matt. He asked for a donation to WordPress, and then hooked me, even taking the time to explain what I’d missed. I’m still running that blog today, some 2,100+ posts later. It’s been through some revisions, theme changes, and cleanups over all these years, but it’s still chugging along from way back then.

Thanks Matt for a great platform, and your help all those years ago.

When fumbling around the internet helplessly to find an all encompassing service for my blogging needs I was struck by a lightning bolt of relief as I read about, and explored WordPress for the first time. It has provided me with a forum for my thoughts, passions and ambitions while feeding my creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit. Thank you for your success, and for helping others achieve theirs.

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