Doors in Barcelona

As I walked around Barcelona after everything was closed, I was really taken with the graffiti on the roll-down doors. Here’s a gallery of a few snaps.

10 thoughts on “Doors in Barcelona

  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing collection, Matt! I wish we had more creative street art like this here in the USA. Is this just one area of the city, or spread around randomly?

  2. I’m commenting on ” yellow arrows:” This evening took an unexpected turn. I were about to pick up furnitures for my business. There was an incident with “two yellow arrows” which would end the same way.(here at my home) I choosed the long and hard way around to the same destination.
    I like to think; choosing which arrow to navigate or how far I can walk before letting doubts about the road is about trust.

  3. Quick question, Matt. Back in 2007 you wrote a post about adding ?random to the end of your URL. Is this 100% random, or is it affected by post popularity? (Apologies for the random question… ba dum tss!)