Inc. writes The Job Interview Will Soon Be Dead. Here’s What the Top Companies Are Replacing It With, and looks at how our brains mislead us in interviews and how Menlo Innovations and Automattic approach it.

3 thoughts on “The Job Interview

  1. Hello Matt,

    Job tryouts are something that I have been wanting to see replace job interviews for years now, and so it is good to see that Automattic is using this approach and I hope that more people will follow that approach until job interviews are extinct because many people like myself have not been giving a fair chance when it comes to jobs because the job interview approach has failed us and we were never given a chance to prove our skills.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

  2. Really great insights in to how to shake things up and filter down to some compatible candidates.

    Interesting approach to blind interview over instant message when it comes to the final hurdle for you Matt. Beyond the anonymity, would you continue the Tryout approach or revert to a more traditional conversationally styled interview but in a textual format?

    1. Well it’s not totally anonymous when they chat with me, because they might have a Gravatar or similar that shows more about themselves.