Safe Avocado-ing

I’m glad the New York Times is covering how to safely cut an avocado, because I’ve messed that up 100% of the time I’ve tried to handle an avocado in the past month. It makes you almost want to forgive them for that green pea guacamole thing.

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I personally would really like to know how to cut (and peel) mangos. Thai mango, in particluar, that is yellow in color. Whenever I try making sticky rice with mango and coconut milk – I lose half the mango… I eventually just bite it off the whole thing.. =)

This is really intriguing stuff for me. I’m Colombian, in our particular country region (medellin) we eat avocados 2 or 3 times a week since we are children.
Here Everybody, knows how to peel, cut & serve an avocado. Even if you are a child old enough to handle a knife you will know how to cut the green stuff.
I can’t imagine someone needing a special tool to cut them. Those are totally unthinkable here.
Is this just a cultural stuff? or are you handling them wrong?