Website as Resume

The illustrious Chance the Rapper was looking for a new intern.

Some people responded with regular resumes, replying as images, but Negele “Hopsey” Hospedales decided to make a website on

The happy ending is written up in Billboard: he got the gig and went on tour with Chance. Hospey wrote a great article on it himself: How To Work For Your Favourite Rapper.

6 replies on “Website as Resume”

Hi Matt. People usually do a 8-15 seconds spot check on the resume to find if the person is worth it for an interview. A website like the one you mentioned needs a few minutes to go through to find out what the person has done. Though I strongly believe if optimised for readership like a resume, a site may be good for showing to be hired.

Actually I agree, for Automattic I like if someone has a resume attached in addition to whatever cool / special thing they did like a website.