Matias Ventura, the lead of the editor focus for WordPress, has written Gutenberg, or the Ship of Theseus to talk about how Gutenberg's approach will simplify many of the most complex parts of WordPress, building pages, and theme editing. If you want a peek at some of the things coming down the line with Gutenberg, including serverless WebRTC real-time co-editing.

3 thoughts on “Potential of Gutenberg

  1. Awesome read,

    I have recently been toying with the idea of using *sitebuilders* for my smaller clients who want to make changes themselves however after weighing up the pro’s and con’s I still think WordPress is the clear winner for smaller clients – however Gberg will really cement this position.

    I am really happy with the direction Gberg is headed – it feels like every roadblock has been thought of and is being working on – the hate should start (and is) slowly eroding.

    1. Very much nice than I ever thought. I was moved when I saw that. Very must has expected, I think he’s working hard to making thing more easier. He deserves a respect.