Tribe of Mentors

Tim Ferriss’s new book Tribe of Mentors is out. I have finished it already, and can say it’s really excellent and I even liked it more than Tools of Titans even though I’m not in this one. 🙂 As I said in a message to Tim:

I learned a lot from it, took a ton of notes to follow up on, and wrote down about twenty more books I have to read.

7 replies on “Tribe of Mentors”

Just what the world needs, another Success Mentor pilfering Tony Robins principles when the general success of Humanity can be quantifiably measured by degradation of the environment. At this point in history when it comes to Success, less is more. Go for it! Fall through the cracks and disappear, society may thumb its nose at you, but Mother Earth will appreciate your lack of effort.


‘We have unleashed a mass extinction event’: World scientists issue disturbing warning to humanity

By Benjamin Pineros

More than 1500 scientists from 184 countries have issued a desperate call for immediate action as they warn the planet is on the verge of an impending environmental collapse…

Tim Ferriss, instead of telling people what they want to hear in return for their chicken scratch and possibly inspiring the acceleration of our demise, maybe you should interview these 1500 scientists to find out what lifestyle changes they have made or would make, given the chance, to stave off their impending extinction?

Must be getting close to the holidays, I’m feeling pretty Grinchtuitous.