6 replies on “iPhone Fast Charging”

  1. Very cool. I’m looking forward to more widespread adoption of USB-C over the coming months/years.

    Two things:

    – why doesn’t the iPhone X include a fast charger? Seems odd to omit that given the price.
    – lithium-ion batteries don’t like high temperatures, it degrades their lifespan; fast charging generally heats up batteries (not really an issue if you tend to replace phones yearly)

    On the Android side, seems like Google opted to slow down charging speed on the Pixel 2 and 2XL, although they haven’t gone public with a reason. Speculation is that they’re wary of fast charging after the Nexus 6P was plagued by battery issues.

  2. I’ve found a lot of benefit to putting Qi chargers around my apartment. One by bedside (don’t need a rapid charge overnight… plenty of time) and one at my workstation. That way, it’s just a natural place to put the phone down, and it’s always charging. Even though it’s slower than a direct connection rapid charge, the fact that it’s so easy to just set it down on the pad means that you’re charging more often. These chargers cost like $12 US each.

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