Morten on Gutenberg

Morten Rand-Hendriksen's talk and demo on Gutenberg from WordCamp US is an excellent overview of where it is, where it could go, and some VR stuff thrown in there for fun. Definitely worth the watch.

2 thoughts on “Morten on Gutenberg

  1. Thanks for bringing that up again. Really good. It was on my “have to watch” list …
    Just one thing (among many other)that came to my mind:
    Seeing the part where Gutenberg is meant to leave the content-area and reach out to the whole area on a screen/device and even more into the world of VR … I get somehow unhappy with the word “block” in the whole context of Gutenberg.

    1) It’s not really auditive accessible. As someone who isn’t an english native speaker, you can easily hear “blog” instead of block or even “black”. The later one is also used in the subtitles of your latest interview on YouTube with Jeff and JJJ.
    2) The word block automatically implies a rectangular form for me. That might be fine with the current available devices, but for the future and the innovative aspect in general I would prefer another word instead of “Block” or “Block Editor”.

    Maybe WordPress with Gutenberg can become something better then just an old dream of WYSIWYG within a CMS.

    Ideas? (unsorted)
    “Box” instead of block because a box can also be round or triangle or …
    Why not:
    IBMS = Intelligent Box Management System or
    ITMS = Intelligent Thing Management System or
    IPMS = Intelligent Part(s) Management System or maybe
    Intelligent Piece(s) Management System (piece sounds almost like peace)

    So what I’m aiming for is a word that is more friendly and unique to hear in it’s sound and more important, a word that implies a more formless aspect of the raw content that is then arranged into a certain form and functionality with Gutenberg within the CMS.

    I hope this doesn’t sound too weird?!
    Happy Birthday, Matt!
    And have a creative, innovative, wonderful and succesful new year.

  2. Oh, great. And this reminds me about a tiny piece of art I need to finish. Thanks.
    Hope I will make it before may 😉

    Happy Birthday!