Mass Unsubscribe Mailchimp

I’m a huge fan of Mailchimp, but dang does the service get abused by folks aggressively opting you into mailing lists. I have a very early, very generic Gmail address that people put as a filler address into every possible service and it gets tens of thousands of list and spam mails. A good trick to find and unsubscribe from all the Mailchimp lists you’re on is to search for and then select all, report as spam, and unsubscribe. Gmail doesn’t deal well when the unsubscribe list is taller than your screen, so you may need to hit command + - a few times to make it all fit. Also according to this post, “you can also get in touch with our compliance team directly at with the email address you would like to remove from all lists and they will be happy to further assist you there as well.” I will try that as well.

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This has been a pet peeve of mine for some time as well. They suggested they could remove my email from everything, but there are some lists I legitimately subscribe to.

These email newsletter companies should offer the ability to require double opt-in for an email address. An option I could enable so that I’d have to verify my email before subscribed to any list.

Great advice and marking an unsolicited message as junk/spam in Gmail reports the sender as a spammer to MailChimp (who will disable the spammers account if enough people mark.their messages as junk/spam).
No need to unsubscribe if you mark a MailChimp sent email message as junk/spam. MailChimp will permanently disable sending to you from the sender’s list.