Seneca on Friendship

But nothing delights the mind so much as fond and loyal friendship. What a blessing it is to have hearts that are ready and willing to receive all your secrets in safety, with whom you are less afraid to share knowledge of something than keep it to yourself, whose conversation soothes your distress, whose advice helps you make up your mind, whose cheerfulness dissolves your sorrow, whose very appearance cheers you up!

You can read On Tranquility of Mind online for free here or I enjoyed this edition from Penguin.

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De tranquillitate animi
Caput VII § 1-4

Nihil tamen aeque oblectaucrit animum quam amicitia fidelis et dulcis. Quantum bonum est, ubi praeparata sunt pectora in quae tuto secretum omne descendat, quorum conscientiam minus quam tuam timeas, quorum sermo sollicitudinem leniat, sententia consilium expediat, hilaritas tristitiam dissipet, conspectus ipse delectet!

PS: Seneca is a bit boring, but if you like him you might as well enjoy Cicero – De Amicitia, or Tacito for history and action, or Marziale, witty and cheeky.

Dear Mr. Mullenweg,

since you have been, and are, so generous in sharing the books you read and the music you like, it seemed appropriate to share with you my 2018 ‘soundtrack’ by season ‘sperando di fare cosa gradita’. Please receive my best wishes of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Paola Cantadore

Winter 2018
Horowitz – Klavierabend

Spring 2018
Argerich – Chopin Piano Concerto N.2

Summer 2018
Brahms : Hungarian Dances – Abbado, Berliner

Autumn 2018
Argerich : Richard Strauss – Burlesque for Piano and Orchestra in D minor

PS: Chopin only wrote two piano concerts, therefore here concerto N.1
Kissin – Metha – Chopin Piano Concerto N.1 ,

and should you find all the above a little boring, or a little mainstream:


erm, that reads a little different (from your wiki link):

“Yet nothing delights the mind so much as faithful and pleasant friendship: what a blessing it is when there is one whose breast is ready to receive all your secrets with safety, whose knowledge of your actions you fear less than your own conscience, whose conversation removes your anxieties, whose advice assists your plans, whose cheerfulness dispels your gloom, whose very sight delights you!”

PS: I miss your Rothko theme (to read onscreen on a white background is so exhausting) and the favicon.