Just Write with David Perell

I had an interesting conversation with David Perell on his North Star Podcast that I recommend checking out. He’s also leading a really interesting program called Write of Passage which is an online course which helps people grow their career by writing and sharing online, which I think is brilliant and a big source of my career growth over the years. I’ve heard he has another coming soon around information organization. David is someone to watch and follow.

5 thoughts on “Just Write with David Perell

      1. Guess that might be the connection to the ‘Write of Passage’ course.
        Do A12s get to join? Possibly even encouraged to join?

  1. Great idea. Communication is so vital. There was a story on BBC the other day where public transport authorities in the UK have started a campaign where fellow travellers in buses , complete strangers , are encouraged to converse with each other. It’s a bid to access people and mitigate loneliness. Writing is a great idea on public platforms.