New Automattic CFO

As Venturebeat has picked up, Mark Davies will be leaving Vivint and joining the merry band. Automattic is creating the operating system for the web, from websites to ecommerce to social networks. As we zoom past 1,100 employees in over 70 countries, we wanted a financial leader with experience taking businesses from hundreds of millions in revenue to billions (Vivint) and even tens of billions (Alcoa and Dell), as Mark has. I’m excited about working alongside such an experienced leader day-to-day to build what I hope will become one of the defining technology companies of the open web era.

8 thoughts on “New Automattic CFO

  1. That’s great! He is going to work remotely as well? Matt, after seeing the Series D plus the new CFO in the company we should expect to see new products from Automattic or all this is happening in order to improve the existing products? Love your work and the company culture from Automattic, cheers!

    1. We have one new product with Tumblr joining the team, but overall we are doubling down on our investment in WordPress as a platform and base for everything Automattic does. Tumblr itself will switch to be powered by WP on the backend in the future.