I’ve really had enough of this term “social distancing.” That is not at all what we are looking for, is it? It should be “physical distancing.” In these times of rampant loneliness (especially for seniors), disconnection, and lack of empathy and compassion, we need the opposite — social connecting. And we need it under these circumstances more than ever. Let’s be creative in finding new ways to come together.

Adam Gazzaley, M. D., Ph. D, University of California, San Francisco

Update: On March 20th, the World Health Organization has officially updated it’s recommendation to “physical distancing.”

8 thoughts on “Physical Distancing

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with this comment. First time i heard this term, used by my cousin Ram at CNN, i cringed! I we should it call it Physical Distancing vs Social Distancing. Ps I met Matt in 2011 in Atlanta at Wordcamp when this was not an issue! Thanks

  1. Hello Matt,

    Yeah, I agree, I think that social distancing is that an accurate enough or good way to describe this; and it is disappointing and sad that is how most people are describing it.

    Hopefully physical distancing et cetera will become more popular instead.

    Thank you for sharing this post,
    -John Jr