3 thoughts on “Sonny Rollins Interview

  1. @Matt. Thanks for posting this link. I saw the title in my NYT feed and thought, “it can’t be THE Sonny Rollins, must be some other dude with the same name,” so I never even clicked on it. Then I saw it in your feed and thought “Hmmm, @Matt is into jazz, maybe it is is THE Sonny Rollins.” 🙂

  2. Sonny Rollins is on WordPress (WP)!

    It’s Quincy Jones’ 87th birthday and he’s also on WP! Can we get a WP roll call?

    Matt, one thing that has been on my mind for some time is urging “the powers that be” to consider naming an upcoming WP theme release after a living artist—and not just jazz! I was going to drop that in the WP Tavern to start a little trouble, but… In honor of Roland Kirk, check out this King Super-20 neck I re-corked a few years ago: https://johnnymedley.com/2013/06/king-super-20-silver-neck/

    BTW, I’m now more than a year in on my third WP-powered membership site geared toward jazz education. Quamon Fowler was the first; Bob Reynolds, second; and now, Greg Fishman. It was a sequential progression and each site helped me to grow musically. I didn’t expect that when I first discovered WP in 2008. Cheers…and WP-4-Life!!!