Frontity to Join Automattic

Since Frontity launched their open source framework, they have been making the integration between React and WordPress easier. Their proven drive and experience with clean technological solutions will benefit our efforts as we continue to make the block and theme APIs a joy to use and WordPress the best development platform on the web.

The next step in the growth of this relationship is for Frontity and its team to join Automattic and contribute to core as part of our commitment to Five for the Future.

I believe there’s still a lot that we can learn from decoupled systems and we can incorporate those learnings into WordPress itself as we emphasize performance, flexibility, and ease of development. I look forward to Frontity joining WordPress and channeling their efforts into the WordPress APIs, documentation, and Gutenberg’s full-site editing tools.

2 thoughts on “Frontity to Join Automattic

  1. React and Gutenberg are useful but ultimately your front end is limited by your back ends architecture and apis.

    If you were serious about making WordPress the development platform for the web you should sift the focus to what is missing architecturally. For example there is no scalable object relationship api in WordPress (eg post to post or post to user), dependency management sucks, plenty more

    I’m sure you know this right now WordPress is great for creating nice looking websites and blogs, but is a long way from the development platform for the web

  2. The Chicago Reader’s new website (Newspack-powered) was recently mentioned in Robert’s Feder’s popular WP-powered blog. It includes a nice quote mentioning WordPress by name. WP-powered Block Club Chicago’s new hire is the lead story. WordPress is breathing new life into modern journalism!

    A random search led me to WP-powered NBC Chicago. A pleasant surprise, since that has to be a recent switch… I think.

    Time for me to ‘shed a little on the flute… Thanks for democratizing music education, WordPress! 🙂