Junk Your Jabra

I usually wouldn’t do a post about this, but I was so surprised I had to share. I picked up a Jabra Evolve2 30 UC wired headset, with USB-C, because my friend Hugo loves the wireless Jabra and I’ve been using an older USB-A headset and thought it would be nice to not need an adapter. I also thought for $89 it must be good. The reviews were also really solid (4.3 on Amazon right now).

Do not buy this headset. There was a constant buzz/hum in the speaker, people sounded lower quality, and the mic also was lower quality. On the plus side, it was a nice build quality and comfort.

For $29 cheaper ($60) the Sennheiser SC 135 USB-C had better speaker, way better mic quality, very nice build and comfort. Get that one instead.

So don’t mute, get a better headset. Krisp.ai is still great, too.

5 thoughts on “Junk Your Jabra

  1. Too bad Krisp doesn’t support Linux yet, I’ve been a fan since I heard of the idea.

    Evolve2 30 isn’t a quality headset in my experience. I bought Jabra EVOLVE 65 and later bought Evolve2 65 as well – and currently am pretty pleased with the results. Additionally (especially for Android users), Huawei FreeBuds 3 seem to perform better than Apple’s Earpods in different tests (at least for recording reasons).

    Still looking for the best possible headset that allows for comfortably managing calls on the go, on the street, in the subway, with some sidebar noise or in a coffee shop. Jabra is doing a lot better for me for clear messaging and some background noise, but it still captures side conversations to some extent.

    (Really enjoyed your headset long guide too!)