WordPress 19

Today is the 19th anniversary since WordPress’ first release, which is especially exciting for a number of reasons:

  1. The community put together an awesome site celebrating the occasion at wp19.day.
  2. We just had an awesome 6.0 “Arturo” release.
  3. Next week June 2-4 WordCamp Europe returns in-person in Porto, Portugal, and I’ll be there and so excited to connect with the community! Tickets are still available.
  4. Nineteen seems like an in-between number, but actually it’s very salient for me because now WordPress is the same age I was when the first release came out.
  5. Which means I’ve now been working on WordPress half my life!

Cheers and here’s to many more years together. 🥂

14 thoughts on “WordPress 19

  1. Hmmm, now …

    19 is a prime number and (the year) 22 a beautiful mirror

    the next prime would be:
    23 that means, you will B … free? (just kidding, that was 4 the rhyme)
    => 42 48 <= fate?
    4 me the year opened a gate
    eternal 4s 2
    bring IT forth
    Learned to B
    Grateful 4 2day,
    sometimes even Grateful 4 2 days and also sometimes to
    B A Great Fool
    42 days & more


    Happy B-day WordStress!

  2. Grrrrrrrr eat, WordPress swallowed my poetry

    when WordPress is
    23 you’re
    – 42 – Do I need to say more?

    then next prime
    29 – another rhyme?
    …. you’re – 48 –
    could mayBe open a gate

    eternal 4s 2
    bring it forth
    Learn to B
    Grateful 4 2day, (no matt:er what)
    sometimes even grateful 4 2 days and also sometimes to
    B A Great Fool
    42 days & more


    No more WordStress 4 2day 🙂

  3. Congratulations! I’m curious as to why you haven’t yet converted ma.tt over to the new Twenty Twenty Two FSE theme? I’ve converted one of my sites, and I have to say, FSE is still quite rough around the edges. However, it’s exciting to see it progress. It definitely has a learning curve, but it’s all so worth it! I’ve spent a couple of days trying to pin down a workflow while learning the new site editor, templates; global styles; etc. I can say this, once you learn FSE, you won’t want to develop sites any other way. It’s going to be a huge game changer…

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