WP20 & Audrey Scholars

Today is the 20th anniversary of the first release of WordPress. None of us knew what we were getting into when it started, but we had a shared conviction that the four freedoms of the GPL combined with a mission to democratize publishing was something worth spending our time on. There will be celebrations in cities around the world, please join if there’s one happening near you.

Twenty years later, I am proud and humbled by what the community around WordPress has created, and jazzed about what we will create in the coming decades.

I’m also excited to mark this milestone by publicly launching the Audrey Scholars program. It is, like all things, an experiment, but I’m curious to see how it unfolds and perhaps one day an Audrey Scholar could even take the responsibility of leading WordPress, when my capacity to do so has passed.

10 thoughts on “WP20 & Audrey Scholars

  1. 20 years!!!!!!! Wow what a milestone and yet still just the beginning. I just read about LeBron James has now provided 1,100 students with fully paid university education. I love the mission of this even though it is hard to see a day you aren’t involved.

  2. Congratulations, Matt, on your great accomplishments, as well as the combined efforts of the WordPress community, which have indisputably revolutionized the world. WordPress’s influence cannot be understated, as it has transformed the way people produce, manage, and distribute material online.

    WordPress has become a driving force behind the democratization of the web because to your vision, commitment, and the relentless labor of numerous contributors. It has enabled people and organizations of all sizes to develop an online presence, express their ideas, and interact with worldwide audiences.

    Your commitment to enabling people and companies throughout the globe has really altered the world. Looking forward, we are excited about the future developments and opportunities that WordPress will offer, altering the digital world and inspiring the next generation of creators.

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