Check out this great article on an exciting discovery of John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy playing together. The album comes out July 14th. Hat tip: Aaron Wieczorek.

2 thoughts on “Coltrane and Dolphy

  1. You’re always good for a MASSIVE share, Matt! Thanks for posting this.

    I’m ‘shedding on this version of “Moment’s Notice” at half-speed, working it up to tempo:

    “My Shining Hour” is always a blast:

    John Coltrane on alto:

    James Moody hung out with and had great respect for Coltrane. Saw him annually in Chicago for just over 20 years (from when he was 63 to 84). He has very generous with his time. His foundation is on WP:

    James Moody at 64:

    YouTube’s looping and speed control options are very awesome. Playing along at half-speed is priceless, but I always try to initially transcribe at tempo.