Back With Tim

I returned on the podcast with my good friend Tim Ferriss, by my count the sixth time we’ve recorded together, but the very first time we did it in video! Tim asked me to bring five things I’m excited about, five things I’ve changed my mind on in the past few years, and five things that are absurd or ridiculous but I still do, and that ended up being a pretty fun anchor for a two-and-a-half hour conversation, which you can watch here:

Or listen to on Pocket Casts or any podcast player, thanks to open standards:

I ended up having more than five things for each list, especially the excited one, but tried to edit it down. This was a very vulnerable and personal conversation for me, which I think was possible because we’ve known each other so long at this point and Tim made it really easy and fun to open up. We discuss everything from open source to kids to my upcoming sabbatical.

Coincidentally, this was episode 713, which is the original area code for Houston! We didn’t plan that but I think that’s so cool. I’m also going to watch his episode with Kevin Rose who he’s also very close with, I always learn new stuff from those two.

6 thoughts on “Back With Tim

  1. Love all your TFS episodes! (…Also very intrigued with this lantern bioworks thing. If you end up doing it, please update us 🙂

  2. Great episode! Good to know such a cool guy does the same daunting practice as me—hoarding tabs! I bump up against 1000 on my phone, the max you can keep. Glad to find your blog. Love WP.

  3. I have had a WordPress website for over 15 years and today was the first time I have ever googled: Who Created WordPress. I can’t believe you are just a few years younger than me. Very impressive. Thank you for supporting freedom of speech and creating an easy way to have our voices heard.

  4. This was a good episode, thank you for sharing!

    On ranch dressing: I also love ranch, and IMO one of the best versions at home is using some of the Penzeys Buttermilk Ranch seasoning, which you mix with buttermilk and mayo. Takes ranch up to the next level.