New York!

You tear me apart. The greatest city in the world. (San Francisco has its allure.) I am so drawn to the impeccability excellence of uptown. Just at a baby shower at 111 West 57th… wow! You have never seen a better building, everything is executed to the highest degree par none.

Yet, I’m so drawn to downtown. The jazz. The creativity, the spark, the drive.

Automattic’s office at 166 Crosby feels like a creative center. We’ve built something pretty cool there to inspire and delight people in space.

5 thoughts on “New York!

  1. But you don’t even need to go downtown for jazz! Jazz at Lincoln Center has excellent programming and you’re also so close to Juilliard, which has some excellent student showcases.

  2. The second you step out onto the street in manhattan, there is this energy, this human energy.. cross the bridge to bk and already, it’s different… less intense.

  3. I’ve seen a lot of people saying nasty things about that building, but it looks magnificent to me. It looks like a gratuitous display of wealth and in some ways it is. But it is also totally practical in other ways; the spaces inside it, seem to be well used, which can’t be said for some of the other monstrosities I see for similar prices.