7 thoughts on “Child of the 90s

  1. I’ve been trying to step into my first short film/ads for the last couple of years. This was fresh air. I loved the making and transitions and the story telling is beautiful as well.

  2. This video is abjectly incorrect. Most of those scene represent Gen-X, NOT Millennials. Stop appropriating out culture. Gen “Why” was all about feelings over facts and forcing everyone else to do what they wanted.

  3. This ad is shot as if it were made yesterday: timeless! So much so, that – because I wasn’t familiar with it – I spent the whole time I watched it wondering what it could be an ad for. And even when I got to the end I found myself briefly thinking, “What? Are Microsoft rolling back their branding and renaming Edge back to Internet Explorer again?” before I realised that the commercial must be old!

    Thanks for sharing!