What if this VR is training our brains to compute in a different way? How we perceive our thoughts to train the models. We are reconfiguring our model of reality to process things in a way we couldn’t before.

3 thoughts on “VR Question

  1. McLuhan said every new technology takes as its content the old technology. For example, radio took its first content from vaudeville, television from radio. What’s the content of the new VR?

  2. I think this will be more profound than we now realize, Matt. Think about how mobile phones got people hooked, addicted and basically re-wired our brains (altered social connection, source of dopamine boost, etc). Don’t get me wrong, I believe tech and progress is great. But I’m sure VR will impact our brains like nothing before – even from the very fact of much more screen time, plus the better and more vibrant those screens become, the more hooked our brains get… Interesting times, curious to see if get into a more “invisible” tech at some point.