Karaoke Hacks

You can’t sing. I can’t sing. But we both should sing, from the depths of our bellies because it’s good for your soul. We don’t sing enough in modern society! Hence, my love of karaoke.

Live band karaoke is the best, which I’ve done everywhere from the basement of Hill Country BBQ in New York to someplace random in Davao after a WordCamp, but when you don’t have a four piece band there are electronic substitutes.

The first hack to do karaoke anywhere, which I’m surprised more people don’t know, is just search YouTube for [the song you’re looking for] + karaoke. You get something like this Fly Me To The Moon. Every modern TV has YouTube and you’ll be singing along with the TV in no time. I went down a long rabbit hole of wireless mics, auto-tuners, speakers, etc, and I have emerged back concluding that a USB-C wireless speaker microphone gives a lot of the benefits without as much hassle.

The next level up, and worth the subscription, is that the Karafun apps are actually pretty good. You can even run it on MacOS with an HDMI cable to the TV and they have a QR code and queuing system. Pretty slick, pretty fun, Sweet Caroline.

3 thoughts on “Karaoke Hacks

  1. This is a good hack. To build on it you could find a couple songs you absolutely love on YouTube (as you described) and then practice those songs. That way when you do end up at karaoke with your friends or colleagues you can blow their minds by giving a killer performance. I can’t sing at all, I’m terrible, which is why I always end up going with something like Hypnotize, or Push It, so I can rap instead of sing.

  2. Here’s a thought, if you ever need a ride in the Omaha area, order a Karaoke Kruise with Karaoke Rob. He’ll take the long route and sing with you the whole way. All the fun without having to worry about all the tech. I bet you could fit a twenty piece band in one of those kruizes =)