Apple Intelligence

It was so cool to see WordPress highlighted (although with a lowercase P in in the closed captioning) on the Apple keynote today. 

I recommend watching the entire keynote, but especially the Apple Intelligence section starting at 1:04 not because we’re mentioned but because it shows the future of computing, which is the future of society.

Apple is an exciting company because they push so much compute and capability to the edge with their devices, it gives people superpowers. The Grammarly-level editing and spell-check alone is amazing, on par with their math stuff. Some of these superpowers will be directed into blogging, and I can’t wait to see what people do with all these new generative tools at their disposal. I really love the Promethean model where all of us have devices in our pocket or desktop that can turn us into superheroes.

I think it’s actually going to turn the hosting world upside down because complex transformations that would be difficult to run on the server-side will be trivial to run client-side with these millions and billions of processors being distributed through people’s smartphone upgrades. This innovation should exist at the operating-system layer (I include browsers and WASM in this) not be replicated in every application. WordPress Playground plays into this trend. (Interesting that Apple has now started to adopt the playground terminology.)

5 thoughts on “Apple Intelligence

  1. Indeed, the current power of all Apple Silicon CPUs is underutilized. It’s fabulous to see that Apple, but also Microsoft with their recent Windows Copilot+ PC, are pushing towards on-device computing. Can’t wait to test it in person!

  2. Amusing, as the auto generated captions correctly capital_P_dangit , but the manual English (United States) ones do not .