Asides’s First Contribution

The FCC just released their first plugin for WordPress (a faceted search widget) and writes about why. Does your organization have a cool plugin you’ve written but not released yet? I know we do. Hopefully they will get the plugin in the repo soon.


Four Cool WP .gov Sites

I was in Washington DC last week at the OpenGovDC conference where I participated on a panel about design. The organizers and many of the speakers were pretty Drupal-focused, but I did get to meet some folks and learn about the ever-growing use of WordPress inside the Beltway. Here are four:

  1. CFPB, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This is the best-looking of the four, and 100% WordPress.
  2., Missouri State. Is there a 😉 The show-me state has a solid WP-as-CMS going here.
  3. Office of Compliance. As exciting as it sounds.
  4., National Center for Computational Sciences. Website is okay, but center is super-cool: they provide super-computing (tens of thousands of processors) for open scientific research.

Any other favorites? Particularly well-designed ones like