DOJ releases comments on MS

You may remember the variety of interesting comments the DOJ got concerning the Microsoft case, well they’ve gone ahead and picked 47 from the mess that are relavent to the proceedings. Read on for list, or check out the original.

Mark Alexander
The American Antitrust Institute
Association for Competitive Technology (ACT)
AOL Time Warner
Joseph L. Bast
John A. Carroll
Center for the Moral Defense of Capitalism
Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA)
Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)
Consumer Federation of America, et al.
Consumers for Computing Choice and Open Platform Working Group
Nicholas S. Economides
Einer Elhauge
John Giannandrea
Jonathan Gifford
Jeffrey E. Harris
Rebecca Henderson
Paul Johnson
KDE League, Inc.
Dan Kegel
The Honorable Herb Kohl, U.S. Senator
Robert E. Litan, Roger D. Noll, and William D. Nordhaus
Litigating States (California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Utah, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia)
Daniel Maddux
Eben Moglen
Ralph Nader and James Love
NetAction and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
The New York Times
Novell, Inc.
Palm, Inc.
Ramon G. Pantin
The Progress & Freedom Foundation
Project to Promote Competition & Innovation in the Digital Age (ProCOMP)
RealNetworks, Inc.
Red Hat, Inc.
Relpromax Antitrust Inc.
SBC Communications Inc.
Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA)
Sony Corporation
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
The Telecommunications Research and Action Center, National Black Chamber of Commerce, and National Native Americans Chamber of Commerce
Mason Thomas
The Honorable John V. Tunney, former U.S. Senator
U.S. Senate
Steven Waldman
Washington Legal Foundation