Last Chance to Stop . . .

Activist update from the ACLU: LAST CHANCE TO STOP DANGEROUS ANTI-TERRORISM BILL Late Wednesday, the Washington House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 6704, the anti-terrorism bill formerly construed as House Bill 2879, and which includes the language of the wiretap bill, HB 2416. The vote was 70 – 23, yet it collected more "no" votes […]

Ellen Rony on ICANN

Interesting observations: This presents an interesting conundrum for the DOC-ICANN MoU, notwithstanding the pesky issue of who gets to determin what content is “kids-safe”–and how. Consider: * ICANN rejected four .KIDs applications in its new TLD process * New Net launched a .KIDS in its first round of alternative TLDs * A .KIDS TLD already […]


Arab Americans Call on President to Insist Ashcroft Clarify Offensive Remarks Given your dedication to tolerance and greater understanding, it is with some concern that we write to you about a matter of serious import. During an interview with syndicated columnist and radio personality Cal Thomas, Attorney General John Ashcroft is quoted as having made […]