Last Chance to Stop . . .

Activist update from the ACLU: LAST CHANCE TO STOP DANGEROUS ANTI-TERRORISM BILL Late Wednesday, the Washington House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 6704, the anti-terrorism bill formerly construed as House Bill 2879, and which includes the language of the wiretap bill, HB 2416. The vote was 70 – 23, yet it collected more "no" votes […]


Arab Americans Call on President to Insist Ashcroft Clarify Offensive Remarks Given your dedication to tolerance and greater understanding, it is with some concern that we write to you about a matter of serious import. During an interview with syndicated columnist and radio personality Cal Thomas, Attorney General John Ashcroft is quoted as having made […]

journalists pounce

It seems yet another journalist/economist/muckraker has decided to attack Paul Krugman for his alleged involvement with Enron several years ago. I think Krugman’s blanket FAQ covers most of the issues reasonably. If you’re interested in more about Krugman, I suggest his excellent article There’s something about macro

Cloning bill enters senate

Got this in the mail, think it merits reprinting: Therapeutic cloning research could lead to cures for heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other lethal conditions. It could also lead to therapies to reverse the infirmities and ravages of aging. The U.S. Senate is now debating The Human Cloning Prohibition Act (S.790), which has […]

Bush’s budget boosts electronic surveillance, wiretapping

Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2003 Bush Eyeballs Heavy Tech Spending (Wired) […] The FBI would receive $61.8 million and 201 more employees or contractors to support the agency’s “surveillance capabilities to collect evidence and intelligence,” the DOJ said in a statement on Monday afternoon. That would allow the FBI to devote […]