sold my soul…

why thank you
Well after almost a month of procrastination I’ve finally gotten around to signing up for the draft and I feel strangely empty. Maybe it’s just my medicine (good stuff) but putting myself on the list of people to be called on if there’s a war. Of course, technically, we’re in a war against the “axis of evil” as Bush put it, and SSS actually has some interesting comments on that.

3 thoughts on “sold my soul…

  1. Oh, I’m sorry for commenting on 10 years old post, Matt! (though I am still curious about your answer 🙂 )

    The year of this post was, however, not completely obvious to me (ignoring that strangely old date of registration which I assumed could be related to some former SSS related registration) until I came across the rest of 20+ of your post excerpts in my mailbox, some of which referring to a weird old stuff like OS5… ;]