You knew it was coming…

Now what sort of self-respecting personal site would this be without pictures of my cat? Above link for index, or read on for the play by play. Real content due soon :). (Just for Emily)

– This is pretty standard ‘cat washing self’ pic, though due in part to my amazingly bad timing it came out looking like she’s attacking something. The fact that her bottom claws are out doesn’t help much. Please note the salmon-colored Financial Times, which was the prop of choice for tonights shoot.

– This is what I like to call the first of the bad pictures. I swear I can do better photography than this. Anyway here we see the prominent baldish spot my cat has above each eye, the right one being visible here. It’s not bald, just the hair is much thinner, and funny from this angle. Also note the corner of a book peaking out in the corner. We’ll see more of that later, or will we…

– Now this is kind of an interesting sideways panoramic shot. You start the journey with the recurring motif of the book and newspaper, then you move on to see the mass that is Helsa. Still further down you get a glimpse of the humble photographer’s feet.

– I wasn’t planning to take anymore, but then she started playing with the cord attached to the camera, so I just snapped one before she devoured it whole.

That’s all folks!

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