New Features

If you browse the photolog you’ll notice a few new features on it. Most significantly, you can now vote on pictures, rating them -1 through 10 according to how much you like the picture. When some more votes start rolling in I’ll implement something that shows the top rated photos. Second I’ve made it so it displays the time and date the photo was taken right above the photo. You have always been able to access this info through the ‘properties’ link but that’s a clunky way to get to it.

There seems to be a bug on the root photo page where the first type you go to it nothing shows up. It is fixed immediately if you just reload, but I can’t seem to track down what is causing the problem. Email me or comment if this is happening to you. Cheers :).

3 thoughts on “New Features

  1. Yeah, when I first go to the photolog it’s a blank page. But when I refresh it’s alllll good honey child!

  2. nope. though a few weeks ago (after the 4th/july party) the photolog wouldn’t save some of my comments. >:P