No More Outlook Express

Microsoft abandons Outlook Express says ZDNet UK. I find this highly disappointing because I’ve really become attached to OE, mostly because of it’s enhanced IMAP functionality over Outlook 2003. However if you look at that bizarre out-of-context quote in the middle of the article, “IMAP is just not a very rich protocol,” Steve Conn, Exchange […]

Truly Bizarre

Last Wednesday I transfered this domain to the new server, a dual Xeon with cute hard drives and RAM for days. This domain was, by far, the hardest one to transfer. I couldn’t tar it up because the previous system had a 2 gigabyte file size limit, and that mark was crossed long ago. What […]


The inimitable Joe Clark’s Ten Years Ago in Spy has a brand-spanking new all-CSS layout from yours truly. As Joe said, “Take that, Alex Isley, Christiaan Kuypers, and B.W. Honeycutt!” I didn’t do a strict before and after comparison, but I estimate at least several K have been saved. The biggest savings should come from […]

Mozilla 1.4

THANK YOU Mozilla 1.4 for deleting all of my bookmarks. This could take months to recover from. I must have a copy somewhere… Otherwise things are good on my front, the rhyming email project has been going well. Update: I found the bookmarks.html file and was able to import it successfully. Whew!