Planned Anarchy

No street signs. No crosswalks. No accidents. A fantastic Wired article about how removing the artificial safety nets we set up for ourself actually makes us safer. The illusion of safety is a very dangerous thing. This is totally applicable to software design too. If you put up a big notice saying “Don’t do this” […]

Best and Brightest

The Best and Brightest, Glamorous Life #33. Who says Zeldman gets linked less? Zeldman has had a profound influence on the way I think about the web. I started taking web craft seriously because of Zeldman. WordPress exists because of Zeldman. I am where I am today because of Jeffrey Zeldman. This isn’t hyperbole, just […] Leads Blog Communication

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all year. Check out the HTML of this article I linked a few days ago. Notice anything at the top? <link rel="pingback" href="" /> Houston, we have Pingback support! Let’s dig deeper: <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:dc="" xmlns:trackback=""> <rdf:Description rdf:about="" dc:title="Microsoft flip-flop may signal blog clog" dc:identifier="" /> trackback:ping="" </rdf:RDF> […]


Zoto looks pretty neat. I signed up earlier and also set up an account for my Mom. But why isn’t WordPress a “supported blog”? Only a 136 users so far as I write this. Go sign up and try it out. They’ve done some interesting things with the interface and they have an open source […]

Staticize 2.5

Version 2.5 of the Staticize Reloaded plugin is now available for download. Installation instructions are included in the archive. What does Staticize Reloaded do? It is a highly advanced caching engine that dynamically and automatically caches pages on your site that need to be cached, when they need to be cached. It also allows for […]

Image Toolbar Header

I’m doing some code cleanup around here, and I came to a line in my <head> that is soley to work around an Internet Explorer feature I don’t want on my site. Here is the standard way to remove it: <meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no" /> Since the http-equiv attribute is meant to be simply a document-level […]

Staticize Reloaded

The caching plugin I pointed to the other day was very well-executed but it didn’t meet my needs for several reasons, mainly that it cached every bit of output, which wouldn’t be appropiate for things like my random photo. (Or my non-rotating photo formerly known as the random photo in the header. It’s on break […]

Mosquito Bites

So it wasn’t even the first day of the bug tracker’s existence when bug notes got rowdy and prompted Shelley to write a post lamenting WordPress developer communication and more. I started to write a reply in the comments, but it got pretty long so I decided to post it here. Shelley: Different people particpate […]