Zoto looks pretty neat. I signed up earlier and also set up an account for my Mom. But why isn’t WordPress a “supported blog”? Only a 136 users so far as I write this. Go sign up and try it out. They’ve done some interesting things with the interface and they have an open source photo client available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. I couldn’t get the Linux client working on my Mom’s computer, had no trouble at home on Gentoo though. I think it was an old version of Python.

I uploaded a few not-yet-on-the-photolog photos to my Zoto page to get the party started. (The fact that some of those are from Christmas and New Year’s means I really need to catch up.)

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Thanks for the post Matt! We’ve had the beta out just barely 2 1/2 weeks now, and we looking forward to feedback from the users.

If anyone wants features that we don’t currently have, now is the time to hit us up about them! We are working toward another major release due out the first part of September.

BTW, our integrated WordPress blog isn’t up yet, but you can drop into the forums and read/post comments there.

I have been playing around with Zoto and I’m quite impressed. Uploading Pictures One of the things about this service is the ease at which you can upload photos. Just download their client (called Zulu) set it up to scan…

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